Fat Burner - Ingredient Composition

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Fat Burner - Ingredient Composition


Key ingredients:

Capsaicin, Brassica Alba Sprout Extract

Two potent vasodilators that are also able to induce the browning of adipocytes: an organic sprout extract from the Brassica alba species and natural capsaicin, the active component of chili peppers. activates the microcirculation and therefore fights water retention and empties the cells of adipose tissue by converting fat-accumulating adipocytes into cells that actively burn fat.

Clinical studies performed for 8 weeks showed the rapid, strong and visible slimming and anti-cellulite effects of Shape Perfection:

  • Waist: -3.4cm
  • Abdomen: -4.1cm
  • Upper arm: almost -1cm
  • Cellulite (dermis-hypodermis junction distance): -18.2%

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