Dark Spots Eliminator

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Dark Spots Eliminator


Reduces the appearance of age spots and helps your skin to assume a more even tone.

Key ingredients:

Pinus Cembra Wood Extract

Swiss stone pine is able to reduce redness and age spots, improve skin homogeneity and calm sensitive and irritated skin. Furthermore, it protects skin collagen by inhibiting the UVA-induced MMP-1 production.

Lepidium Sativum Sprout Extract

The purified Swiss garden cress sprouts extract contains sulforaphane, a well-known activator of phase II detoxification enzymes. It enhances the resistance of skin cells against environmental pollutants and intrinsic reactive molecules. Thus, the purified Swiss garden cress sprouts extract cleans off and protects our skin cells against dangerous molecules. It is an effective anti-aging ingredient for all skin care products.


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