United Technologies UT AG was founded in 2007 as an R&D company by a group of enthusiasts with top scientific and business experience in Zurich, Switzerland. The activity of United Technologies UT AG focused initially on the development of interleukin-1 alpha (Dermatopoietin) and Hexadeltine, an enkephalin-analogue, as cosmetic ingredients for skin and hair care.

In 2008 United Cosmeceuticals GmbH was founded as a pure marketing and distribution company.

In 2009 and 2010 the cosmetic product lines EVEN of Switzerland and DermatoPoietin were launched, respectively.

In 2013 United Technologies UT AG and United Cosmeceuticals GmbH were restructured: The former is run today as holding company while the latter is responsible as operative company for the entire process value chain from research and development to marketing and sales. In the same year the above mentioned product lines were replaced by EVENSWISS, a premium cosmetic product line focusing on skin and hair rejuvenation. EVENSWISS is based on the Dermatopoietin technology.


We at United Technologies UT AG are driven by the passion to facilitate the development and marketing of highly innovative and effective cosmetic products on the basis of a deep understanding of the physiological mechanisms of skin renewal. 

Main assets

United Technologies UT AG owns the patents of a platform technology based on interleukin-1 alpha (Dermatopoietin) and enkephalin analogues (e.g. Hexadeltine) for cosmetic skin, hair and oral care. The technology has potential applications also in the medical field (e.g. periodontal disease and wound healing). It is protected by a bundle of patents in major markets across Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia and the Americas. United Technologies UT AG possesses several trademarks such as Dermatopoietin®, Hexadeltine®, EVENSWISS® and Signalling Cosmetics®.


Dr. sc. nat. Peter Schoch
Leiter F&E von United Cosmeceuticals GmbH und United Technologies UT AG
Email: peter.schoch@unitech.ch

Dr. of Economy Igor Petropavlov
CEO von United Cosmeceuticals GmbH und United Technologies UT AG
Email: igor.petropavlov@unicos.ch

Company history

2007 United Technologies UT AG founded as an R&D company
2008 United Cosmeceuticals GmbH founded as a distribution company
2007 - 2009 Development of Dermatopoietin and Hexadeltine as cosmetic active ingredients
2009 Launch of EVEN of Switzerland, phased out in 2010
2010 Launch of DermatoPoietin, phased out in 2013
2013 Restructuring of United Technologies UT AG as holding company and United Cosmeceuticals GmbH as operative company for the entire value chain
2013 Launch of EVENSWISS®