Our goal is to create uniqueness based on scientific research

The company

Structure of United Technologies UT AG

United Technologies UT AG is a holding company incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland.

It is owned by Swiss corporate shareholders in the field of pharma, health and cosmetic industries and applications.

United Technologies UT AG owns several patents on its proprietary biotechnology platform based on interleukin studies and efficacy and enkephalin analogues with applications in cosmetics, dermatology and other medical fields.

The main objectives of United Technologies UT AG are to further expand the scientific and business opportunities of its patented technologies, to explore other biotechnological therapeutic approaches e.g. in dermatology and dentistry and to offer scientific consulting services to the biotech industry.

Dermatopoietin® - I am the architect

Figure: Dermatopoietin is a key regulator of skin and hair renewal with many potential applications in cosmetics, dermatology and dentistry.

Company history

Key events

1981 International scientists start promoting studies in the field of dermatology and cosmetology.
2007 All activities grouped under the foundation of United Technologies UT AG in Zurich.
2012 Full development of the 20 international patents and registration worldwide.
2013 Submission and publication of the whole studies in the field of skin’s health, skin’s immune system, skin’s regeneration process, skin’s rejuvenating process, oral care studies and applications, hair growth and scalp health, hair shedding, applications to the nasal cavity.