Basic science and research

Our strength is an outstanding expertise on the physiology of skin and its homeostasis and renewal. Current research interests focus therefore on the following topics:

  • Wound healing: Spray or gel for the promotion of wound healing (traumatic wounds, surgical lesions, burns and diabetic foot). Such a product will be an extension of our proprietary technology based on Dermatopoietin as it will include additional ingredients with synergistic activity. The objective of this pharmaceutical project is a joint venture with a partner company to first obtain a clinically validated patent followed by joint commercialization.   
  • Periodontal disease: Dental foam for the treatment and prevention of gingivitis and more advanced stages of periodontal disease. The scientific concept for such a pharmaceutical product is again based on our core technology of Dermatopoietin which will be expanded by other innovative active ingredients.
  • Hair growth: Consumer reports and own studies indicate that Dermatopoietin might not only inhibit excessive hair shedding but also advance hair growth in individual cases. The focus of our research interest in this field is thus the development of a product for the treatment of alopecia and other forms of male and female baldness.   

Patenting, Licensing and OEM

Our proprietary technology based on Dermatopoietin and encephalin analogues is a patented platform with applications in skin, hair and oral care. United Technologies UT AG is disposed to enter contractual agreements on licensing its technology to third companies active in any of these fields. 

Similarly, United Technologies UT AG offers contract development and manufacturing of cosmetic skin and hair care products with Dermatopoietin under the brand of a third company in the context of an OEM agreement. The licensing agreement on the use of our Dermatopoietin technology would have to be concluded with United Technologies UT AG while the development and manufacturing contract would have to be signed with our daughter company United Cosmeceuticals GmbH. Direct your inquiry to one of the contacts given on this website.

Developing and marketing skin care products

United Technologies UT AG is the owner of United Cosmeceuticals GmbH which develops and distributes highly effective premium cosmetics under the brand name EVENSWISS®. EVENSWISS is based on the Dermatopoietin technology. For further information or inquiries about EVENSWISS with Dermatopoietin please consult the following links or approach one of the contacts given on this website, respectively.

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Based on its wide experience United Technologies UT AG offers in cooperation with one of its corporate shareholders consulting services in the following fields:

  • Registration of your business in Switzerland
  • Residence and real estate acquisition permits
  • Communication with tax authorities, bank officials, telephone and IT providers to set up a financial, legal and logistic infrastructure of your company
  • Hiring management and personnel
  • Business trips in Switzerland and abroad

Specially for biotech start-up companies we also offer consulting or management support concerning

  • Patent application and trademark registration
  • Strategic issues and business development
Business principles

In pursuing our business we are committed to the following values and principles:

  • Customer orientation: turning expectations into reality.
  • Uniqueness of products: guaranteeing highly effective products of an outstanding quality.
  • Creating mutual trust as basis for a business relationship you and we can rely on.

These principles form a consistent part of our identity in an ever-changing world.

Safety and Quality

Our partners for contract manufacturing and quality control operate in full compliance with the cosmetic GMP guidelines. Stringent evaluation of safety and efficacy precedes the launch of all our products. As Swiss company we are fulfilling all requirements of the respective Swiss and European legislations for cosmetics, which include the Cosmetic Regulation of the European Parliament and Council.

As standard we are providing our distributors with the following product certificates:

  • Product composition
  • Specifications and certificate of analysis
  • Certificates of Swiss origin and of free sale in Switzerland
  • Cosmetic GMP certificate
  • Safety Assessment
Customer benefits and services

At United Technologies UT we believe that modern science and technologies nowadays are able to help maintain and restore healthy and youthful looking skin and hair also in advanced years of life. Dedicated to this, we make assiduous efforts to develop the best cosmetics based on a deep understanding of the underlying biological mechanisms of skin and hair renewal.

We are selling our products to professional channels through our distributor network all over the world and are supporting our partners at all points of their sales activities:

  • Training of sales teams
  • Product launch support
  • Support for event organization and participation in trade shows
  • Providing testers, samples and promotional material
  • Videos and presentations about the mechanism of action of our products
  • Presentation and advertisement of our partners on our website

We are proud of having strong and reliable partners and suppliers. We are grateful to our customers and distributors for their continuing trust and cooperation. We value their feedback as basis for amending products and services.

  • Intercosmetica AG, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  • PANATecs GmbH, Tubingen, Germany
  • ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd., Rehovot, Israel
  • Skin Test Institute, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  • MicroMol GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushino, Russia
  • Neurotar Ltd., Helsinki, Finland